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LeBron James Appears To Have Landed In Los Angeles

LeBron James talking about his buzzer-beater against Toronto.

LeBron James Lakers watch is hitting an all-time high. The NBA's best player appears to have just landed in Los Angeles.

Earlier today, NBA Twitter was ablaze with rumors that the superstar had just left Anguilla on a plane.

FlightAware has become a major part of sports, with free agents traveling across the country in pro sports, and colleges meeting with coaches on that level.

That was the case again this morning.

Often, these wind up being unrelated. Apparently, in this case, FlightAware wound up being prophetic.

Based on pictures posted to Twitter, LeBron James is in Los Angeles.

ESPN's Arash Markazi posted a picture of the SUV that LeBron is reportedly taking from the airport.

More interestingly, a fan got a photo of LeBron James himself, just outside Van Nuys airport. Markazi and NBA Twitter personality Rob Perez both retweeted this picture from Alex Harmer.

Before everyone starts to get their LeBron James Lakers jerseys on preorder, this does not mean he is officially heading to the team.

As has been well-documented for a while now, James has multiple homes in the Los Angeles area. Many NBA players call L.A. home in the offseason.

It does seem like the Lakers are the favorite to land LeBron James based on the evidence we have. Still, this doesn't make it official.