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Lakers Fans Have To Love What LeBron James Is Doing At Summer League Today

LeBron James cheers on the Lakers at Summer League.

While he made his decision a while ago, today marks the first really public moment of the LeBron James Lakers era.

James in in Las Vegas for NBA Summer League to cheer on the Lakers team. Some Kobe Bryant loyalists in the Lakers fan base have been lukewarm about the addition of James, but you wouldn't know where were any factions with how he was received.

When James walked out to courtside in some extremely expensive Lakers shorts, he got a pretty huge ovation from the L.A. fans in attendance.

While the Los Angeles move didn't seem to be a pure basketball decision, as the team is very much amid a rebuild, he was very into the game today.

He got very pumped up over a four-point play by Alex Caruso. In fact, according to Los Angeles Times Lakers beat reporter Tania Ganguli, James knows basically the entire summer league roster.

This follows in reports that James was extremely knowledgeable about the Lakers' young roster in meeting with Magic Johnson.

He may not be joining a title-ready team. However, LeBron seems to be well-studied when it comes to his new teammates... or even, potential new teammates.

Many of the guys on the Lakers summer league roster will never play alongside James at the Staples Center. Still, his support of the guys down the line in the franchise should have Lakers fans excited.

He seems very invested in the new team. Even if the team isn't near ready to compete with the Warriors, James is going to be dialed in in the pursuit.