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Broussard: LeBron James Lakers Won't 'Stack Trophies' Unless This Happens

LeBron James wears Lakers shorts.

The LeBron James Lakers are instantly one of the most intriguing teams in the NBA. However, right now, they don't have much of a shot at the NBA title.

The Golden State Warriors bring the core of their team back next season. They also add DeMarcus Cousins, who, if healthy, would give the team five all-stars in the starting lineup.

Even beyond them, the Rockets are definitively better, and the Lakers aren't necessarily better than a few other teams in the West. With LeBron, all things are possible, but beating the Warriors pushes the boundaries there.

The Warriors are the roadblock that the LeBron James Lakers must overcome to win a title, much less a number of them.

Earlier this week on The Herd, Colin Cowherd said that the Lakers will "stack trophies" starting in year two of LeBron in L.A. His guest Chris Broussard disagrees, unless two major things happen.

From the debate:

Cowherd: "I'm predicting they don't win this year, and then let's watch for five, because they're going to start stacking trophies.

Broussard: "The only way they 'stack trophies' is if they get another guy and Golden State decides to break it up."

Cowherd: "That's going to happen. Everyone breaks up. The Beatles broke up."

It does stand to reason that eventually one of those key Warriors pieces will leave, whether it is Durant or Thompson or someone, and that group won't stay together forever. However, as the two FS1 personalities said before that part of the clip, it also requires LeBron to continue his ridiculous run of health.

James has never had a major injury in the NBA. While his defense declined a bit this past season, he was as good as he's ever been offensively.

It seems hard to believe that that will continue on long enough for him to just pile up titles in L.A., but again, betting against LeBron seems unwise.