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Bill Simmons Thinks Lakers Could Land A 'Big 4' Of LeBron James, Paul George, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins

Bill Simmons has been pushing LeBron James to the Lakers as a possibility for weeks. Now, he thinks three other superstars could join him.

Simmons, CEO of The Ringer, was among the first major sports personalities to posit a potential move from Cleveland to Los Angeles for James.

The theory has picked up steam in recent weeks, as NBA free agency has played out.

Another player who has even stronger connections to the team, and many believe will head there with or without James, is Paul George, who was recently traded from the Indiana Pacers to the Oklahoma City Thunder ahead of the final year of his contract.

On Monday's episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast, Simmons posed a new 'conspiracy theory,' posing the possibility of LeBron and George being joined by former Kentucky superstar teammates John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins.

LeBron to L.A. talk starts at around 4:00, with the Big Four discussion coming in around 8:00.

"So John Wall, represented by Clutch. Rich Paul, LeBron's buddy. LeBron—it's pretty clear he either owns Clutch, or funded it, or has a stake in it, it's something super shady that the NBA is like 'we're not even looking at this,' it's like they're tampering. But you could have John Wall and LeBron. Paul George is going to the Lakers anyway. That's not even a secret anymore, they might as well just start selling his jersey. And then I always felt like John Wall and Boogie are a team. I feel like 2018, that summer they'll be like 'we're a package deal.'"

Simmons goes on to map out salary dumps and possible trades that would get the Lakers into financial position to make the moves, which would require LeBron to take a Kevin Durant-esque smaller salary, which Simmons argues he'll make up in non-basketball deals by being in Los Angeles.

Obviously, this is far from an impending reality or anything, but it would certainly be something. If this NBA off-season has taught us anything, it is that the unthinkable is certainly possible.

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