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LeBron James Snapped On Ref After A Call In His Son's Game

LeBron James has choice words for a referee at LeBron Jr.'s game.

LeBron James has been very present at his son LeBron James Jr.'s games over the last few weeks.

Based on the video, it looks like Bronny got called for a foul on what looked like a pretty clean strip.

That call against his son really set The King off.

Courtside Films captured the moment. According to the YouTube description, LeBron's business partner Maverick Carter thought he "deserved the technical" for the outburst.

It is not totally clear if LeBron actually got T'd up as coach for the team. Either way, he got about as heated as you'll see him get during one of his NBA games.

LeBron Jr. has actually become one of the story lines of the NBA off-season.

With LeBron on the sidelines, and his recent move to the Lakers, there has been plenty of attention paid to his son's games.

Recently, the team had a game cancelled after an irate father in a Michael Jordan freaked out on LeBron ahead of one of the games.

LeBron has also fed speculation that he could try and play with his son in the twilight of his NBA career. Obviously, there's no telling whether the NBA will have gotten rid of the one-and-done rule by then, if LeBron will still be able to play (all evidence is that he will, based on his miraculous run of health), and if Bronny will be good enough to make that jump. If not, he already reportedly holds standing offers from Duke and Kentucky.