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Lakers Coach Luke Walton: Organization Will Ask Steve Alford About LaVar Ball

It seems extremely likely that the Los Angeles Lakers will draft Lonzo Ball with the second overall pick in the NBA Draft. Is the team concerned about his controversial father, LaVar Ball?

According to head coach Luke Walton, not especially, but the team will be doing its due diligence when it comes to the UCLA star's father.

Walton joined the Dan Patrick Show today to discuss the Lakers and the upcoming draft. After he discussed the process of reaching out to college teams to learn about what players are like behind the scenes, Patrick transitioned into the question everyone wanted an answer to: will LaVar Ball's antics scare the Lakers away at all?

A transcript of the discussion:

Dan Patrick: Would you ask somebody about LaVar Ball's involvement at UCLA in regards to Lonzo Ball? Would you ask Steve Alford about that?

Luke Walton: I wouldn't personally, but yes, somebody in our organization will, absolutely.

Patrick: It just seems like you're taking the right steps with this, of asking the people behind the scenes, and I don't know if that concerns you at all with LaVar Ball's involvement. Is that a topic of discussion?

Walton: Not yet. When we get closer to the Draft, we'll get a packet of information on every player that we're really interested in and then we'll sit down and discuss it all. Right now, I'm not concerned at all. I'm mostly concerned with what player can help us win more than 26 games the most.

Ultimately, talent wins out, and Lonzo has plenty of that. However, the Lakers definitely know that if they pick Ball, there will be plenty of answering to do as long as LaVar keeps managing to drag out his 15 minutes of fame.

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