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Lakers Barred LaVar Ball From Lonzo's Workout Today

LaVar Ball gives speech to AAU team.

Lonzo Ball worked out for the Los Angeles Lakers today, the only team that he plans to perform for during this process. His father was not on hand for it.

LaVar Ball, who previously made the announcement that his son would only workout for the Lakers, was not allowed to see his son perform.

Head coach Luke Walton told Jim Rome that the workout was completely closed to everyone, even the "Big Baller Brand" head honcho.

Ball is, however, welcome to attend dinner with the Lakers' brass. From

Walton was asked if he was open to having LaVar at dinner if he wanted to join them. The Lakers head coach said, “Absolutely, if he wanted to come to the dinner. I think the workout is something we will keep the doors closed on, but the dinner I think he would definitely make dinner more entertaining. So he’s definitely welcome to join us for that one.”

Rome asked Walton about any concerns he has with LaVar Ball, and the Lakers head coach downplayer potential issues, citing his experiences own outspoken father, ESPN broadcaster and former NBA superstar Bill Walton.

“Parents are always going to have those opinions, they’re going to be outspoken at times. As you know, I have a very outspoken father myself, and it doesn’t bother me."

Earlier in the process, Walton told Dan Patrick that someone from the organization would be asking UCLA's Steve Alford about his experience with LaVar. Alford told the Los Angeles Timessaid that the outspoken father did no "meddling" with the Bruins during Lonzo's one year in college.

If Lonzo falls to third, there could be some concerns for the Philadelphia 76ers, as advisor Jerry Colangelo has mentioned that he is worried about "the people around" Lonzo Ball. However, it doesn't sound like LaVar will make a big impact on his stock with the Lakers one way or another.