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Los Angeles Lakers Are Now The Only Winless NBA Team Left

Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images)

Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images)

There's now just one winless NBA team left this season, and it's the Los Angeles Lakers. 

The Sacramento Kings beat the Miami Heat 119-113 on Saturday, getting their first win of the season in the process. 

That means that LeBron James and Co. are now the only winless team left. The Lakers are 0-5 on the season. 

What a disastrous start by the storied Los Angeles-based NBA franchise. 

"With the Kings win tonight ... This marks the first time ever a LeBron James team has the outright worst record in the NBA at any point in a season #SCFacts," SportsCenter tweeted.

"The Kings move to 1-4 leaving the Lakers as the only winless team in the NBA," ClutchPoints wrote. 

"With the Kings’ win over the Heat tonight, there is now just one winless team left in the NBA: the 0-5 Lakers," said Field Yates.

The Lakers have to change something, anything really. Try different lineups. Call up a few younger players. Gets a couple veterans on the phone. 

Regardless of the decisions made in Los Angeles in coming weeks, the Lakers are going to be in for a long season.