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Mark Jackson Fires Back At George Karl Over Viral Tweet

NBA analysts Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy.

Lost in all the madness of Game 2 between the Lakers and Trail Blazers was Mark Jackson's controversial comment about Carmelo Anthony.

Ever since he's been in the NBA, Anthony has been considered an elite scorer. However, the Syracuse product hasn't accomplished much on the defensive side of the ball. That has changed this year though, as his energy with Portland is at an all-time high. His new approach on defense has Jackson wondering if Anthony's former coaches are partially responsible for his shortcomings on defense.

"I'll tell you this, there's a shared responsibility for whoever allowed that defense to be played," Jackson said. "For some reason, he is bought in with this culture, and he's committed to it."

George Karl clearly didn't like that comment from Jackson, which led to him firing back at Jackson via social media. Remember, he coached Anthony for several years in Denver.

"I heard Mark Jackson is taking shots at my defensive coaching during tonight’s broadcast," Karl wrote on Twitter. "Remind me, how many all-star teams did you coach, Mark? How many DPOYs? How many Finals appearances? How many of my teams became dynasties right after I left?"

Karl's dynasty remark obviously had to do with Golden State winning multiple championships after it moved on from Jackson as the head coach.

Jackson took the high road when responding to Karl's tweet, saying "Wasn’t even thinking of u! Btw I never lost to u in the playoffs as a Player or as a Coach! God Bless u and urs!"

Both former coaches are two of the most respected men in the coaching industry. It's unfortunate that it has led to a verbal warfare, especially over a comment that didn't provide that much context.

Hopefully, Jackson and Karl can put their differences to the side.

As for Anthony, he'll try to lead Portland to a bounce-back victory in Game 3 on Saturday night.