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Video Of Dwyane Wade's Son, Kevin Durant Going Viral

Dwyane Wade's son Zaire Wade.

LeBron James' sons aren't the only children of NBA stars that we may see in the league sometime soon. Dwyane Wade's son Zaire Wade is also quite the player.

A month ago, video of the 16-year old Wade hitting a smooth stepback jumper in a Miami pro-am game went viral.

It was made better by the fact that it was against Tim Hardaway Jr., a current NBA player.

The young Wade is already 6-foot-2, and could wind up with serious offers to play point guard. He obviously has one future Hall of Famer to learn from, and sat down with another recently to watch film.

Zaire Wade got pointers from Warriors superstar Kevin Durant recently.

Overtime put out video of the two breaking down tape. Durant praised Wade's ability to score as well as get his teammates involved while running the offense:

"How I picture your game is, I like when you're the second, third option, you getting everybody involved, then boom you go off 15, 16, but I think you could get six, seven assists, five or six rebounds too, if you ain't scoring. It ain't all about the bucket, impact the game always shooting the ball sometimes, because you want a good team.

"Keep balling, bro. You got a long ways to go. It ain't gonna happen overnight, either. Keep working. You know I got you whenever you need something, hit me. If you got something you want to talk about, hit me. I know pops good, but just to give you a different look. I'm here for you."

The next generation of NBA stars may look a lot like the outgoing on. At least, on the back of the jersey.