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Here's The Cover Of ESPN's "Body Issue" Magazine

ESPN released a list this morning of the 19 athletes who will appear in their 2016 "Body Issue" of ESPN The Magazine.

The list includes: Connor McGregor, Vince Wilfork, Christen Press, Antonio Brown and Von Miller, among others. 

We now have gotten a look at the cover of the issue. 

Miami Heat star guard Dwyane Wade is this year's cover athlete. 

In the issue, Wade, 34, talks about the insecurities he's had with his body.

From ESPN:

I was just never comfortable until about four years ago, when I started feeling comfortable with my body overall. As you go through life, you get more comfortable with yourself. It's like everything else with life -- you change, you grow. People might think it's simple, but for me it was hard to even feel comfortable walking around naked when it's just me and my wife. So the thought of doing it at a photo shoot in front of people [laughs] -- it was like, "No way ever."

You can read Wade's full comments here.

ESPN's Body Issue is set to hit newsstands on July 8.