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Michael Jordan Logo Details Revealed: NBA World Reacts

Michael Jordan at a Nike event.

Michael Jordan during Air Jordan XXI Launch Event in Houston, Texas, United States. (Photo by Dave Rossman/Getty Images for Bragman Nyman Cafarelli)

Few logos in sports, if any, are more iconic than Michael Jordan's "Jumpman" logo.

The Jumpman logo was not on Michael Jordan's first pair of legendary Nike sneakers, but they soon took over the brand. 

The logo, though, really had nothing to do with basketball. In fact, it was captured when MJ did a ballet move during a photoshoot with a photographer.

The Jumpman brand is now worth more than $3 billion, according to the latest estimations. 

Not everyone remains of the logo - particularly Utah Jazz fans. 

The Jumpman logo has since become a focal point of the NBA, as well, as teams rock it on their "City Edition" jerseys.

Jordans remain the most-popular shoe among NBA players, as well, especially off the court.

What would Jordan's logo have looked like if the photographer didn't capture that ballet moment?