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Michael Jordan's Trainer Has Brutally Honest Message For Athletes

Michael Jordan interviewed during the NBA Finals

10 Jun 1997: Guard Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls speaks reporters during a practice before a playoff game against the Utah Jazz at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It is well-documented that Michael Jordan's work ethic and attention to detail throughout his playing career was second to none.

The man who helped mold Jordan physically and mentally was Tim Grover, his personal trainer. In his 30-year career, Grover not only trained His Airness, but Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and Charles Barkley.

As a result, Grover knows a thing or two about greatness. He also understands just how hard you have to work to be the class of your field, which is why he shared a message for pro athletes who enjoy showing off their workouts on Twitter and Instagram.

As Grover made clear, all of that looks great, but it doesn't prove anything. Also, you might want to evaluate your actual on-field output before you make a big deal about promoting your offseason workouts.

"To all pro athletes out there: if your social media highlight posts [filmed by your own camera crew] are greater than your actual game highlights, you might want to revisit your priorities and mindset," Grover said,

Offseason advice from the man who trained Michael Jordan 🗣

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Overall, this is sound advice from Grover. It's probably better to let your play do the talking.

Still, the workout videos usually make for some fun offseason fodder, and they're probably here to stay.