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Michelle Beadle Tweets About Latest Move At ESPN

Michelle Beadle tells white men to shut up and listen.


Michelle Beadle was one of the three original hosts of ESPN's morning show Get Up! After middling ratings through the show's first few months, ESPN reshuffled the lineup.

Mike Greenberg remains at the center of the show, while Jalen Rose will stay on as co-host when not focusing on his NBA Countdown duties. In Beadle's spot, Get Up! has a rotating cast of more football-centric panelists.

The move came just two days after Beadle announced that she would not be watching college football anymore, in response to the scandal at Ohio State (and others that have plagued the sport in recent years). She says that she stopped watching the NFL last year, citing the sport's seeming lack of regard for its female fans.

Because of that statement, many conflated the timing of her departure with that bold stance on a football-focused show. In reality, it had likely already been decided.

Today, Michelle Beadle posted a photo of her flight back to Los Angeles. She doesn't seem to broken up about it.

Via Twitter:

Beadle will resume her duties as host of NBA Countdown. ESPN is also launching another Beadle-helmed NBA show, NBA After the Buzzer.

The NBA is clearly Beadle's favorite sport to cover—she has said as much repeatedly, and expressed those feelings in her Aug. 23 football rant.

ESPN has definitely accommodated her in giving her yet another NBA show to host.The chance to move back to L.A. also seems like one she's pretty happy about.