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Thon Maker Could Be In Trouble With NBA After Australia vs. Philippines Brawl

thon maker involved in a huge brawl at a australia-philippines game

The Australia-Philippines brawl during a FIBA basketball game earlier in the week was a really ugly sight, and could have ramifications for one of the bigger stars involved. Milwaukee Bucks forward Thon Maker was seen in the videos throwing flying kicks at the Filipino players.

The 7-foot-1 Maker saw his role expanded with the Bucks this past season. He averaged 16.7 minutes per game in 2016-17, and was up over 20 minutes in the playoffs.

The 21-year old might be in some hot water ahead of the 2018-19 season though. The clips from his role in the fight are now good.

If he wants, NBA commissioner can reportedly issue a Thon Maker suspension for his role in the Australia-Phillipines brawl.

Sports Illustrated legal expert Michael McCann says that Silver has pretty broad jurisdiction over things that could violate the league's "standards of morality."

On Tuesday, Maker issued a statement about the brawl. He apologized for his role.

At the very least, FIBA will likely take action against Maker and the other players from both teams most involved.

More, from The Sydney Morning Herald:

"(Basketball Australia chairman Ned) Coten spoke briefly but offered no new information citing the ongoing disciplinary process and his own roles with FIBA.

Coten said the players and staff had not slept for between 36-48 hours due to concerns over their safety and the travel home from Manila.

“Basketball Australia accepts a level of responsibility for the things that happened, as do the players,” Coten said.


“It was extremely difficult in the situation we are in, FIBA are undergoing a process and we are supportive of that and we accept their will be sanctions forthcoming.”

Hopefully FIBA takes precautions to ensure that nothing like this happens again.