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Another Photo Of NBA Owner’s Daughter Going Viral On Instagram

Mallory Edens is an NBA team owner's daughter.

Mallory Edens is the daughter of Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens. She's carving out a name for herself, however.

Edens first burst onto the scene a couple of years ago when she represented the franchise at the NBA Draft lottery. She's also been at the NBA Awards recently.

Edens has roasted Bill Simmons on Twitter and ran cross country at Princeton. She also has expressed an interest in owning the New York Knicks.

Most recently, Edens went viral for her reaction to the Golden State Warriors signing DeMarcus Cousins. As you can see, she's pretty active and well-rounded.

Edens' Instagram account chronicles some of her travels. It looks like she's in Malibu now.

Here is her most recent photo of the trip.

Not a bad life at all. Edens will surely continue to be a name to know in the NBA over the next few years. You can follow Mallory on Instagram 

beach day keeps the doc away @isabellebral

A post shared by Mallory Edens (@mallory_edens) on Jul 13, 2018 at 3:32pm PDT