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Milwaukee Bucks Owner's Daughter Roasted Bill Simmons On Twitter

Mallory Edens, daughter of Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens, had a pretty savage response to a Bill Simmons tweet on Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier this week, Bucks general manager John Hammond left to take a job with the Orlando Magic. The Ringer's Bill Simmons took the opportunity to repost his tongue-in-cheek appeal for the position from 2008, when he was still at ESPN.

From that piece:

Besides, do you really think someone can save the Bucks in any conventional way? Puh-leeeze. It's time for a change, Milwaukee. Your hoops team hasn't mattered in 20 years. You haven't cared this entire decade. You need a fresh voice. You need passion. You need me. So vote Simmons in 2008.

Yes We Can!

Simmons made sure to tag Edens in his tweet of the old article. She had a pretty savage response.

To Simmons' credit, he did respond, although the battle had clearly been won. Even the Bucks' Twitter account had some fun with Edens' response.

We don't think Simmons will be getting the job on this go-around either. Luckily, he has a website and a popular podcast to fall back on. Even without ESPN, we think he'll be alright.