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Anthony Edwards Football Throw Goes Viral: NFL World Reacts

Timberwolves' Anthony Edwards dribbles the ball up the court.

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards appears to be doing just fine for himself. In the rare event things don't work out though, he could always try out for an NFL team. 

On Wednesday, Edwards posted a video of him throwing a football on Twitter. It received over 32,500 likes in less than a 24-hour span. 

This throw from Edwards was so impressive that Tom Brady even commented on it. 

"Ant I know the money is good but you’re playing the wrong sport bro," Brady tweeted. 

The official Twitter account for EA Sports' Madden 23, meanwhile, is wondering what Edwards' throw power would be. 

At this point, the sports world is starting to wonder if there's anything Edwards can't do. 

This past NBA season, Edwards averaged 21.3 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game for the Timberwolves. 

Edwards isn't just a great basketball player, he's also quite the actor. He showcased his skills in the Netflix film Hustle.

After seeing Edwards' latest Twitter post, we can now add quarterback to his résumé.