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Karl Towns Sr. Considering Suing The Timberwolves and Their Mascot

Timberwolves mascot is scene on the jumbo-tron.


Karl Towns Sr. is considering suing the Timberwolves and their mascot, Crunch, after suffering a knee injury in January at a game.

According to Sports Illustrated's Michael McCann, Karl Towns Sr. — father of Timberwolves center Karl Anthony-Towns Jr. — is apparently considering suing the Timberwolves, as well as their mascot, Crunch, after suffering an injury due to one of Crunch's stunts back in January.

Per McCann:

The Timberwolves’ prophetically named mascot, Crunch, appeared to lose balance towards the end of a high-speed sledding stunt and hit an empty front row seat next to the aisle. That seat, in turn, crashed into the right knee of Towns Sr., who was sitting next to the empty seat. The elder Towns is now exploring potential legal options, including the possibility of suing his son’s team for negligence.

You can watch the stunt unfold below:


According to McCann, Towns Sr. suffered "considerable pain" during the game, and was encouraged to leave by attendants, but Towns Sr. was concerned that his absence might worry his son and affect his play. Subsequently, by the end of the game, his knee had swollen to the point where he was unable to put any weight on it. He was later taken to the hospital after the game to receive an MRI.

Three weeks later, he was seen at the All Star Weekend's Rising Stars Challenge, where he was using crutches and appeared to be in pain.

McCann's full analysis of the legal ramifications of the stunt are worth a read, and he predicts that the matter will be resolved out of court. Actual litigation between a basketball franchise and the basketball franchises's star player's father is generally a bad look, no matter how you look at it.