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Look: Former No. 1 Pick Anthony Edwards Throws Down Dunk Of The Year

Anthony Edwards throws down a dunk against Raptors.

FOX Sports.

The Slam Dunk Contest isn't until March, but Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards threw down the dunk of the year on Friday night against the Toronto Raptors.

During the third quarter of action, Edwards drove hard to the rim and legitimately soared over Raptors forward Yuta Watanabe.

Not only did the broadcasting crew for FOX Sports go crazy over this dunk, Edwards' teammates immediately ran over to him so they could celebrate.

It was such an impressive dunk that Edwards had to look back at the big screen to watch the replay.

Check it out:

LeBron James shared Edwards' dunk on Instagram with the caption "My goodness lil bro!!! Sheesh!" You know you did something well when the best player in the NBA is complimenting you.

After the game was over, Edwards was asked about his jaw-dropping dunk. His response was a true testament to his maturity.

"I’d be talking about it highly right now if we would’ve won," Edwards said. "Due to the fact that we lost, it’s nothing to be excited about. It was a great dunk, but we lost, so it don’t mean nothing right now."

Unfortunately for Edwards, the Timberwolves' losing streak lives on. However, the dunk that he threw down on Friday night might just go down as the play of the year.