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MRI Reveals Extent Of Steph Curry's Injury

Steph Curry hobbles off the court with an injury.

On Friday night Steph Curry made his return after re-injuring his ankle, an injury that has hampered him throughout his NBA career. What was supposed to be a positive experience turned sour when the Golden State Warriors star guard left his team's victory early.

The Golden State Warriors can't seem to catch a break in the injury department. Curry left the game early after being run into by Warriors big man JaVale McGee.

Initial reports stated that Steph re-injured his ankle once again. However, replay quickly showed that a new, potentially serious, knee injury caused Curry to limp off the court.

Curry tried to walk it off, but it was apparent pretty quickly that he'd suffered some kind of injury.

An MRI revealed the extent of his injury.

It's definitely good news for the Warriors.

The team started falling apart at the wrong time as Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson are both fighting to get healthy for the playoffs as well. With a healthy Steph, Golden State is in much better position for the playoffs.

The playoffs start in just three weeks. Will Golden State be healthy enough to defend its title?