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Watch: Anthony Davis' Video Of Him 'Shaving' His Unibrow Appears To Be A Prank

Anthony Davis pretends to shave his unibrow

Since he helped lead Kentucky to the 2012 NCAA Tournament title, Anthony Davis has been known for his distinctive unibrow as much as his incredible skill level.

In fact, Davis is better known by many as "The Brow," his nickname. He's turned a potentially embarrassing part of his appearance into a personal trademark.

However, Davis hinted that he was considering shaving his brow. He even put it up for a public poll.

It was close, but more voters wanted him to shave the brow than keep it.

Then, Davis put out a video today that "appears" to show him shaving off his unibrow. Emphasis on the word appears.

This appears to be an elaborate April Fools' Day prank. The camera cuts off when he is about to shave.

Our guess is he put some type of makeup on. Don't be fooled.