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Jeff Van Gundy Calls For Stronger NBA Domestic Violence Policy

ESPN analyst and former NBA head coach Jeff Van Gundy took a strong stand against domestic violence Tuesday night.

While announcing the preseason game between the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets, Van Gundy and broadcast partner Mark Jones got into a discussion about Knicks point guard Derrick Rose's civil rape trial. Van Gundy didn't specifically address Rose --he admitted to not knowing the specifics of the case--but he did riff on the topic of domestic violence.

Not only did Van Gundy condemn violence against women, he advocated a stronger NBA policy against domestic violence offenders. Here's the full transcript of his comments, courtesy of NBA reporter Sean Highkin.

Now, in fairness to Darren Collison, who Van Gundy references, the Sacramento Kings point guard pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. He wouldn't qualify under Van Gundy's guidelines.

Still, Van Gundy's willingness to take a stand on such an important topic shouldn't be downplayed. Kudos to him.