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ESPN Releases New Free Agency Prediction For Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors are eyeing a third straight NBA Championship. Many think it could be the last run for the superstar forward in the Bay Area.

The most popular destination for Durant has been the New York Knicks. The team is building a young core, and he could find the chance to resurrect a storied yet struggling franchise attractive.

A number of the league's top prognosticators are buying in on the Knicks as his eventual landing spot. Among them is ESPN's Zach Lowe.

With the 2018-19 season tipping off tonight, Lowe made some bold predictions for the league, including Kevin Durant to the Knicks.

From his "crazy predictions" column:

A two-year stint in Golden State would have seemed short given the melodrama surrounding Durant's exit from Oklahoma City. Three approaches LeBron-in-Miami territory. Win another ring, and Durant might feel he has accomplished what he set out to do. He's 30, at the height of his powers, free to choose his destination.

He's not going back to Oklahoma City. I'd be dumbfounded if he joined LeBron. He must know the Warriors will always be Curry's team. The social media slights will never stop as long as Durant is there. People who know Durant say part of him must crave the challenge of being the undisputed alpha dog and lead ball handler -- of putting up a 32-10-8 stat line. Some of those same people wonder if he is a little scared of that challenge.

A normal human would feel both of those things. But whoever revives the Knicks will become legend. They have a young co-star in Kristaps Porzingis who could take on more of the scoring burden as Durant ages.

There are plenty of moving parts here, and Durant is pretty mum about this stuff. He could always stay in Golden State, and obviously the LeBron rumors will pop up. He could also head back home to the Washington Wizards, though those talks have cooled significantly since he originally left Oklahoma City.

The Knicks speculation makes sense though. It is just hard to really know what Durant's motivations are until we hear more.