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Knicks Fans Aren't Happy With Bill Simmons' Latest Trade Suggestion

Simmons brought up an interesting three-team trade.

On Friday, the news broke that Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving requested a trade.

Since then, several trade options have been brought up. Bill Simmons, formerly of ESPN and now The Ringer, is getting crushed by New York Knicks fans for a trade he suggested Sunday afternoon.

Simmons, with the knowledge that Carmelo Anthony wants out of New York, suggested a three-team trade between New York, Phoenix, and Cleveland.

The trade would send Melo and Eric Bledsoe to Cleveland, along with a top-10 protected pick. Phoenix would receive Kyrie Irving as a result. Now for the real kicker. New York would receive Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye from the Cavs and a top-seven protected pick from Phoenix. Needless to say, Knicks fans were not happy with the haul.

Melo has a no-trade clause built into his contract anyway, and it looks like he's headed to Houston. Simmons brings up an interesting trade proposition that won't provide New York with much other than a slight salary dump for two players with much less talent.