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Report: Knicks Set To Fire Team President Phil Jackson

Controversial team president Phil Jackson is expected to be fired today, after a very rough few weeks.

Jackson, an 11-time NBA Championship head coach, was hired as team president by unpopular owner James Dolan late in the 2014 season, inking a five-year deal worth $60 million.

Since Jackson's hiring, the Knicks are just 90-171.

In recent weeks, Jackson has clashed with the team's two stars, Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis, and openly threatened to trade Porzingis, one of the Knicks' only exciting young player.

Today, according to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, the team is expected to announce that Jackson is out with two years left on his deal.

From her full story:

It had become clear, sources said, that Jackson had no plans to remain beyond the two years left on the five-year contract he initially signed in 2014 that paid him $12 million a year. So with no clear path forward from the toxic situation with Anthony, a constant public relations war over Jackson's preferred triangle offense, and new concerns about the organization's relationship with Latvian phenom and 2015 No. 4 overall pick Kristaps Porzingis, sources said it was clear things had reached a breaking point by the eve of free agency.

Good days for Knicks fans are rare in 2017, but this will likely be considered one. Jackson's ouster should mean that the efforts to move Porzingis, the most talented and popular home-grown Knick in years, will end. It also should mean a step away from the out-dated triangle offense that Jackson mandated his head coaches implement, against all notions of modernity in the sport.

Dolan used Jackson and his 11 rings as a sort of shield from the controversy that he usually takes for the beloved franchise's failures. Now, he's on the market for a new one, but ultimately, this is the right move for the team.