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Video: TNT Reporter's Question For Obi Toppin Goes Viral

Stephanie Ready asks Obi Toppin a question.

New York Knicks forward Obi Toppin competed in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest yesterday for his second year in a row. But this time, he emerged victorious.

Toppin had the best score of the first round, then easily put away Juan Toscano-Anderson in the Finals to claim the title. But after it was over, TNT reporter Stephanie Ready had a pretty awkward question for him.

Ready said that Reggie Miller and Dwyane Wade were calling the ending to the contest "anticlimactic". For context, Toppin did a fairly easy dunk in the Finals after Toscano-Anderson messed up his attempt.

"Dwyane Wade and Reggie Miller in particular had some chatter during the contest. They were wondering if they should switch the order because maybe it was a little anticlimactic. What are your thoughts?" Ready asked.

NBA fans were stunned at how blunt the question was. Some felt that Ready was essentially calling Toppin out for winning a terrible Slam Dunk Contest and wanting him to feel bad:

"What an awful thing to ask him after he just won. I know it was a bad contest but good lord," one fan replied.

"Why did she ask that??? He probably knows it wasn’t the greatest but let him chill," wrote another.

"I [still] can't get over what an unprofessional question this was. Biggest moment of Obi's young career but no, lets talk about DWade and Reggie who spent the whole night sucking the energy out of the arena," a third wrote.

Obi Toppin got to live a childhood dream last night. It was really unfair of Stephanie Ready to take the wind out of his sails in that moment.

Hopefully that didn't ruin the night for him.