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Enes Kanter Says He's Being Detained At Airport In Romania For Political Views

Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter is an outspoken critic of the regime in his native Turkey. He is currently being detained in Romania after the country reportedly revoked his passport.

Kanter posted a video to Twitter from the airport, where he accuses Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan of being the man behind his detainment.

According to The Globe Post editor Mahir Zeynalov, Kanter may be deported to Turkey and arrested.

The Oklahoman's Erik Horne has more background on Kanter's political views, and how it has led to this situation.

In August of 2016, Kanter was disowned by his family, which still lives in Turkey. The Daily Sabah, cited as a “supportive voice” of Erdogan’s party, quoted Kanter’s father, Mehmet, as saying he disowned his son for his affiliation with the Gulen Movement. Fethullah Gulen is an Islamic leader who has been in exile in Pennsylvania for more than 15 years who is in direct opposition to Erdogan and his reign over Turkey. Erdogan’s regime blamed Gulen for an attempted coup on the Turkish government in July 2016.

Kanter appears to be trying to make the best of it, though this has to be a terrifying spot.

This is definitely not how Kanter, who is traveling in support of his charity organization, wanted to spend his 25th birthday.