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Enes Kanter Appears To Break News That Thunder Have Signed Rudy Gay

Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter is doubling as an NBA insider this evening.

The Thunder have already made one huge splash during this crazy free agency period.

On Friday, the team traded Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis to Indiana for superstar Paul George.

Now, another solid scorer could be heading to Oklahoma City, but it wasn't Adrian Wojnarowski breaking this news.

Kanter posted a picture of a locker with Rudy Gay's name on it, next to Russell Westbrook's.

It should be notice that this isn't exactly true confirmation that Gay is a member of the Thunder. It could have been a recruiting ploy set up during Gay's visit to the Thunder. That would be surprising, though, given Kanter's tweet. It'd be very strange for him to send this if Gay wasn't his new teammate.

ESPN's Royce Young says that he's been told that nothing is finalized between the Thunder and Gay.

Gay would give the Thunder a trio of perimeter players that can really score. While he's not at the level of Westbrook or George, he has been a very consistent player during his 13 year NBA career.

Since his second year in the league, Gay has averaged between 17.2 and 21.1 points every season. While he's never been a true superstar, as a third or fourth option, he could be a very solid piece for OKC.

We should find out confirmation on Kanter's news soon enough.

Update: Basketball Insiders' Michael Scotto tweeted that the Rudy Gay locker was, in fact, just part of the visit.

Based on this, Kanter may have just been having fun with everyone. We'll keep you updated as more comes out about Gay's next move.