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Here's What Happened To Fan Who Confronted Russell Westbrook Last Night

Russell Westbrook is confronted by a fan.

A punishment has been handed out.

At the end of last night's Denver Nuggets-Oklahoma City Thunder game in Denver, a fan came onto the court and got in Russell Westbrook's face.

Westbrook shoved the fan out of the way and gave a look of disbelief. The fan retreated to his seat, fortunately just before Steven Adams could come over and be an enforcer.

After the game, Westbrook called what happened "totally unacceptable." You can't argue with him.

Clearly, any fan that goes onto the court at any time is out of line. You had to figure the fan was going to face some type of discipline, and he is.

According to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, arena security removed the fan right after the exchange. He's no longer welcomed at Nuggets home games.

"Law enforcement issued a summons and complaint for trespass and he's been banned from games," Shelburne said.

Wonder if this guy thinks it was worth it to taunt Westbrook after all of this?

There's no barrier between fans in the front row and the court, but fans have to have some decorum.

Imagine if a player had gone into the stands? The blowback would have been even worse.