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Watch: Taj Gibson Hit The Buzzer-Beater Of The Season Last Night

Taj Gibson shoots a full court buzzer beater.


Oklahoma City's Taj Gibson hit the buzzer beater to end all buzzer beaters last night, and it was absolutely bonkers.

The Chicago Bulls shipped off Taj Gibson to the Oklahoma City Thunder for basically nothing last week, and the 7-year NBA veteran already has an incredible highlight with his new team. On Thursday night against the Trail Blazers, he pulled some schoolyard-type magic.

At the end of the first half, Gibson intercepted an inbounds heave from the Trail Blazers, responding with a one-armed heave of his own from nearly full-court that goes to the moon and back before plummeting right back down to Earth and into the basket. What.

Just watch it:

That might be one of the best shots I've ever seen. Look at how high it goes! Buzzer beaters are fairly routine nowadays, it seems, but the trajectory of this particular shot is what makes it so stunning. He tosses the ball like Aaron Rodgers tosses a Hail Mary—which is to say, as far and as high as he possibly can. Gibson's genuine disbelief after it goes in is also pretty cool. I might just spend my Friday afternoon watching this highlight on a loop.