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Video: Steven Adams Kicks Bradley Beal Below The Belt

Bradley Beal goes up to dunk.

That had to hurt.

Oklahoma City and Washington went head-to-head on Thursday night. During the contest, a few technical fouls were assessed.

Late in the third quarter Thunder star Steven Adams got tangled up with Marcin Gortat of the Wizards. Both were given technical fouls.

It was Bradley Beal that walked away getting the worst of it, however. The star Wizards guard was hit below the belt.

Adams appears to get yanked down by Gortat. Initially, Gortat wasn't assessed a foul, but after replay he was given not only a common foul, but a technical foul.

The Aussie man, Adams, also received a tech. However, his foul was much more clear that Gortat's.

Adams sent a kick down under on Beal, leaving the star guard to walk off the court awkwardly. Check out the play.

Oklahoma City leads the contest 88-80 midway through the fourth quarter. Three weeks from now Bradley Beal, John Wall, and Russell Westbrook will all be teammates on Team LeBron in the All-Star game.