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Watch: A Fan Confronted Russell Westbrook On The Court After Last Night's Game

Russell Westbrook is confronted by a fan.

This is not the way to get your face on TV.

The Denver Nuggets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder last night on a buzzer-beating three-pointer by guard Gary Harris. After the game ended, a fan got way too close to Thunder star Russell Westbrook.

As Westbrook was leaving the court, a Nuggets fan got in his face and screamed. He stepped on the court to do this.

Westbrook is seen shoving the fan away in his shoulder, and then gave him a shocked look. The fan backed away and returned to his seat just in time, because Thunder big man Steven Adams was walking over to protect Westbrook.

You don't want to mess with Steven Adams, especially if you're a rogue fan making a fool of himself.

After the game, Westbrook called the fan stepping onto the court and getting in his face "completely unacceptable."

"You gotta be able to protect the players, man," he said, according to ESPN. "The fans are obviously there to enjoy the game, but they can't come onto the floor. That's totally unacceptable.

"They'll look at it and figure out what's the best way to deal with it, but to me, that's just totally unacceptable."

Now, in the NBA, there is no barrier between fans in the front row and players on the court. There are even fans sitting in between the scorer's table and the benches in most arenas.

But this behavior is unacceptable. Any fan that steps onto the court deserves a ban from the arena.