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Report: Arron Afflalo Gets 2-Game Suspension After Role In Tuesday Night Fight

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Arron Afflalo has been suspended, after he took a huge swing on Timberwolves forward Nemanja Bjelica on Tuesday night.

Arron Afflalo and Nemanja Bjelica got tangled up after a missed shot during the second quarter of Tuesday's T'Wolves-Magic game. That's when things got ugly.

Bjelica shoved Afflalo a bit to start things off. In return, Afflalo unleashed a huge right haymaker at the 6-foot-10 forward's head.

Luckily, it was a swing and a miss. It was, however, enough to bring the two teams, and the refs, over.

Each player spent just five minutes on the court before being ejected. This was one of many scrappy NBA incidents in recent days.

There isn't word yet on whether Bjelica faces suspension. We do know what Afflalo's fate is though.

Yahoo! Sports' Shams Charania reports that he will be out for two games for his role in the fight. That makes sense, given how big the shot was, even if he didn't connect.

In case you missed video the other day, here it is again. It got pretty nasty in Orlando.

The Magic upset the Timberwolves at home, 108-102. Afflalo was scoreless in the game, while Bjelica scored two points.

Afflalo will miss games against perhaps the two best teams in the Eastern Conference. The team travels to Cleveland tonight, and Boston on Sunday.

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