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Paige Spiranac Has A Brutally Honest NBA Bubble Theory

Paige Spiranac posts a photo on Instagram.

Paige Spiranac/Instagram.

Popular social media star and golfer Paige Spiranac has a brutally honest theory about the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida.

The NBA bubble is taking place at Disney World. The league has implemented extremely strict rules for everyone in attendance.

No one is allowed to leave the bubble unless they're attending to an urgent matter. If someone does leave the bubble, they're tested daily and forced to quarantine for several days upon returning. There are no visitors allowed inside of the bubble.

That last rule has caused some speculation among NBA fans this summer. Would NBA players really be able to go without "visitors" for an extended period of time?

Spiranac theorized on her podcast that NBA players will look the other way when it comes to that rule getting broken.

“Do you think it’s different though when it comes to (women)?” Spiranac said. “Like as an unspoken code where if you have a girl there, you don’t say anything, but it’s like if you don’t wear a mask, free-for-all.”

The NBA reportedly has a hotline in place where anyone can call in and report a bubble violation. That would include being seen with someone who is not supposed to be inside of the bubble.

One model already suggested that she had been invited into the bubble, though that wasn't confirmed by anyone in the league.

The NBA is getting ready to restart its 2019-20 season this upcoming week. Regular season games will resume on Thursday.