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Phil Jackson Shares Major Difference Between Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan share the floor together.

CHICAGO, UNITED STATES: Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant(L) and Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan(R) talk during a free-throw attempt during the fourth quarter 17 December at the United Center in Chicago. Bryant, who is 19 and bypassed college basketball to play in the NBA, scored a team-high 33 points off the bench, and Jordan scored a team-high 36 points. The Bulls defeated the Lakers 104-83. (VINCENT LAFORET/AFP via Getty Images)

It is no secret that Kobe Bryant modeled his game after Michael Jordan. The late Lakers superstar said as much many times during and after his career.

While Bryant's playing style and work ethic were remarkably similar to Jordan's, the two weren't totally alike. Phil Jackson, who won 11 NBA championships coaching both legends, discussed one of the main differences between Kobe and MJ recently.

In late May, after the conclusion of "The Last Dance" on ESPN, Jackson was a guest of the Philadelphia Eagles on a team Zoom meeting. The Zen Master touched on a number of different topics during the session.

In a recent article, ESPN's Tim McManus provided some insight on the conversation, including what Phil said was different about Jordan and Bryant.

Jackson dished on the series, gave insight into the differences between Michael Jordan's and Kobe Bryant's approaches (Jordan rode his teammates hard and cussed them out, while Bryant set the tone by never allowing himself to be outworked) and stressed the importance of everyone on the team taking pride in their roles, no matter how big or small.

While it may not have always been easy to play alongside Bryant--he reportedly could be pretty hard on teammates as well--Jordan seemed to be more confrontational and aggressive in challenging his supporting cast. "The Last Dance" touched on this plenty of times, and Jackson seemingly alluded to it when he spoke with the Eagles.

Overall though, it is tough to argue that their respective approaches weren't incredibly successful.