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Al Horford's Sister Has Brutally Honest Comment On Sixers

Al Horford's sister, Anna Horford, on Instagram.


The Philadelphia 76ers' season came to an end on Sunday.

Philadelphia, the No. 6 seed in the Eastern Conference, was swept by the No. 3 seed Boston Celtics. The Sixers lost Game 4 on Sunday afternoon, 110-106.

The Sixers never seemed to find a good rhythm in 2019-20. Philadelphia was just unable to make things work around Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, who missed the playoff series with an injury.

Al Horford was the prized offseason acquisition for the Sixers, but he was not a good fit next to Embiid. The big man's sister had a brutally honest comment on the state of the team.

"Al plays so much better when Embiid is sitting," she wrote. "Embiid is amazing. He & Al just don’t play well together. (And) he’s never played with a center like Joel before."

You're not going to find too many Sixers fans (if any) who disagree with that statement. Horford is an extremely gifted player, but the Sixers were unable to make things work with him next to Embiid.

It should be an eventful offseason for Philadelphia.

Head coach Brett Brown will likely be fired, but more changes, perhaps in the front office or within the roster, could be coming, too.

Stay tuned.