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Ben Simmons' Cryptic Tweet To LeBron James Caused Quite A Stir

You have to love NBA Twitter.

Earlier this afternoon, Philadelphia 76ers forward Ben Simmons set social media ablaze with a cryptic tweet directed at LeBron James.

There has been plenty of speculation this off-season that LeBron will eventually leave Cleveland next year. If the did so, many expect he would head to the Lakers, but there could be other teams with a shot at landing him.

Are the 76ers one of those teams? They would have an intriguing core of young talent and plenty of cap space.

Is that why Ben Simmons tweeted the eyes emoji at LeBron, a symbol that could mean anything but has many on Twitter thinking it was a subtle early recruiting pitch?

All of this is great for buzz and gossip, but Simmons is going to have to actually make his debut and stay healthy before he can truly think about teaming up with LeBron.