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Joel Embiid Not Happy With Officiating After Win vs. Hawks

joel embiid yells during an nba game

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 29: Joel Embiid #21 of the Philadelphia 76ers reacts to his three pointer during a 121-105 win over the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on January 29, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia 76ers did what they had to do and forced a Game 7 against the Atlanta Hawks, but Joel Embiid wasn't all smiles after last night's victory.

Even though Embiid finished Game 6 with 22 points and 13 rebounds, the All-Star felt as if the officiating was one-sided all night.

During his postgame press conference on Friday night, Embiid went out of his way to criticize the NBA's officiating, He's hopeful the 76ers receive a few more calls in Game 7 than they did in Game 6.

"I was hacked all night and i don’t think i got to the free throw line until the fourth quarter," Embiid said. "I told them they had to call it both ways, we had a bunch of guys, whether it’s Ben or Tobias, who were in foul trouble… I just want it called both ways."

Embiid also addressed the technical foul he received in Game 6.

"I was just trying to stay calm and have my hands up. And someone was pushing me from the back, and I don't understand why I got a tech. But I guess it is what it is. I was hacked all night, and I don't think I was on the free throw line until I got to the fourth quarter and all that stuff. So it was questionable, but we got the win. That's all that matters."

Somehow, none of the starters on the 76ers attempted a free throw until the fourth quarter of Game 6. It's hard to imagine they went through three quarters without getting fouled.

We'll see if the NBA corrects its officiating woes for Game 7 of this 76ers-Hawks series.