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Kendrick Perkins 'Hopes' Doc Rivers Gets Fired For 1 Reason

Kendrick Perkins rips Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens on ESPN's First Take.


The Philadelphia 76ers' disappointing second round playoff exit has some wondering if Doc Rivers' job is in danger.

ESPN's Kendrick Perkins hopes it is. On Twitter following the Sixers' season-ending 99-90 loss tonight, Perkins shared that he wants his former Boston Celtics head coach to get fired. 

His reasoning? Rivers should head to Los Angeles to take over the Lakers.

I" hope Doc do get fired!!! He need to be in LA with that Lakers at least he knows the Point/Forward Lebron James is going to be in shape and actually compete," Perkins said. "Get him AWAY from Harden please. Carry the hell on…"

Perkins not only campaigned for Rivers to team up with his close friend LeBron, but he also took a healthy jab at James Harden in the process.

After seven seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers, Rivers was brought in by the Sixers in 2020 under the premise that he was the right man to get the team to the next level.

However, Rivers has failed at this task, losing in the conference semifinals in each of his two seasons with Philly. That's no better than the best effort of his predecessor, Brett Brown, who also took the Sixers to the second round twice.

We'll see if Rivers gets another shot in the City of Brotherly Love, or if he's headed for LaLa Land or elsewhere.