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Joel Embiid Appears To Take Shot At LeBron James Amid Lakers Rumors

Joel Embiid excited with a fan in the background.


LeBron James appears to be Lakers bound. That doesn't sit well with one of the superstars whose team was reportedly after him: Joel Embiid.

The Cavaliers and Lakers always seemed like the odds-on favorites to land James. However, Philadelphia does offer an interesting opportunity.

The team has young stars. It would keep LeBron in the East, where he has a path to the NBA Finals. The team is at the stage of its development where its ready to start adding stars, and has also been mentioned as a potential Kawhi Leonard trade destination.

Today, LeBron James landed in Los Angeles from his Anguilla vacation. He has a home there and spends his summers there, so it isn't out of the ordinary. Still, everyone seems ready to crown the Lakers as his new home.

Joel Embiid seems to have gotten the LeBron James Lakers memo, and had a pretty vicious subtweet of the superstar.

He echoed one of the talking points for why LeBron shouldn't go to L.A.: no matter what he does there, it will always be a franchise with bigger legends.

I guess Embiid wanted to play with James after all.

LeBron James might be the better overall player than Magic and Kobe. However, his legacy is built in Cleveland and Miami. He's not going to match what those other two have done with the Lakers.

In fact, LeBron's success only bolsters Magic's Lakers legacy, now that he is the franchise's president.

None of that may matter to LeBron. Ultimately, it is his choice, and if he wants to spend the rest of his career in Los Angeles, and live with his family full-time there, that is very much his right.