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Scottie Pippen Has Brutally Honest Admission On Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers star forward Ben Simmons.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLORIDA - AUGUST 05: Ben Simmons #25 of the Philadelphia 76ers walks up the court during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Washington Wizards at The Arena at ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex on August 5, 2020 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. (Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images)

It seems like everybody is offering their opinions on Ben Simmons following his playoff struggles, and most of them are not flattering.

NBA legend Scottie Pippen had some particularly harsh comments about the Philadelphia 76ers standout in a new Q&A with GQ. When asked about Simmons, Pippen unloaded on him for his inability to shoot.

" Y’all know he can’t shoot. Y’all know he don’t look to shoot in the fourth quarter. You know he’s afraid to go to the foul line, he don’t wanna be humiliated, so what are you asking me?" Pippen said. "I’m not against Ben Simmons. But I think he is who he is."

Interestingly, Scottie went on to criticized 76ers head coach Doc Rivers for not doing enough to protect Simmons and for leaving him in disadvantageous situations.

"I watched a lot of games that Doc [Rivers] shouldn't have had him in, in the fourth quarter," Pippen said. "...This kid has been this way the whole time and Doc brought him in and set him up for failure."

Ben Simmons is coming off a series against the Atlanta Hawks where he attempted only three fourth-quarter field goals in seven games. He also shot 34.2 percent from the free-throw line in the postseason, the worst mark in league history.

According to the latest report from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Sixers have created a plan for working with Simmons this summer.

"Sixers remain committed to working through Simmons' shooting issues this summer, especially free throws," Wojnarowski said. "Doc Rivers and Simmons met to discuss plans for moving forward together, per sources."