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Video: Tobias Harris Suffers A Scary Injury In Game 4

Tobias Harris suffers scary injury.


We had a scary moment late in the third quarter of today's Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers game, as Tobias Harris went down with an injury.

The Sixers' forward suffered a hard fall as he went up for a rebound late in the third quarter against Boston. Harris was down on the ground for several minutes, appearing to be in serious pain.

Philadelphia's coaches gave the "fist" sign to the bench, which is used to indicate a serious injury. Harris appeared to suffer some trauma in his head region.

Harris was eventually able to get up under his own power and walk off the floor. However, he appeared to suffer a scary blow to his eye/head.

Harris was holding a towel to the right side of his head as he walked off of the floor. There was reportedly some blood on the floor, which is believed to be Harris'.

Hopefully, the Sixers' forward suffered nothing more than a bruise/cut to his eye region. The injury looked bad, but thankfully he was able to get up and walk off the floor.

Philadelphia is currently trailing Boston, 89-77, at the end of the third quarter. The Celtics lead the Sixers, 3-0, in the first round series.