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Photos: Charles Barkley Defied Doctors After Hip Surgery To Spend Time With Craig Sager In Hospital

Craig Sager is fighting an uphill battle against leukemia, but the TNT basketball reporter is not giving up under any circumstances.

This week, Sager received a very rare third bone marrow transplant after finding a match in an anonymous 20-year old donor.

Last week, before his transplant, Sager's wife Stacey contracted a cold and had to leave the hospital. Sager's TNT colleague Charles Barkley found out that he would be alone, and despite his own doctor telling him not to have a recent hip surgery, he flew across the country to keep Sager company. From an excellent story from Associated Presswriter Kristie Rieken on Sager's fight:

A few days before his transplant, Stacy came down with a bad cold and doctors sent her home, fearful she'd transmit her illness to her husband. Hall of Famer and TNT colleague Charles Barkley heard she couldn't be there for a couple of days and hopped on a plane from Phoenix.

However, Sir Charles had hip replacement surgery less than a month ago and wasn't cleared to travel. He said his doctor was livid when he learned Barkley had defied orders and flown halfway across the country. Barkley informed the doctor that it was an emergency.

"Craig Sager is one of the most interesting people I've ever met," Barkley said. "We go to see Sager to cheer him up and by the time you leave you're like, 'Is anything wrong with him?' He has the most positive attitude ... When you go to try and cheer him up his attitude is so upbeat he cheers you up."

The AP grabbed a few fantastic pictures from the visit.

Just an excellent gesture by the NBA legend and Inside the NBA star.

Sager was the recipient of the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at this summer's ESPY Awards, where he delivered an amazingly inspirational speech. ESPN also let Sager work this year's NBA Finals Game 6, despite the fact that he works for a rival network.

We wish Sager the best in his continued fight. He has been a true inspiration over the last few years.

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