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Watch: Josh Jackson Threw An Absolutely Miserable First Pitch At Diamondbacks Game

Add Josh Jackson to the list of elite athletes who just cannot throw a baseball.

The Kansas star-turned-Suns first round pick was in his new town to throw out a first pitch for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It didn't go all that well.

Jackson's throw sailed well right of the catcher, sending him running to collect the ball.

It may not quite be 50 Cent level, but it is close.

Luckily for the Suns, Jackson isn't known as a distributor. Lonzo Ball, however, is, and his first pitch for the Dodgers wasn't great either, although it got to where it needed to go.

Those of us who grew up playing baseball underestimate how difficult it is to throw one accurately, even for some of the world's greatest athletes, apparently.