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Video: Devin Booker Says Kentucky Is "The Closest Thing To The NBA"

Anybody who follows basketball knows of the strong pipeline between Kentucky and the NBA. Every single year, the Wildcats have multiple players drafted, and John Calipari makes no secret about selling his track record for producing pros to his program's next crop of one-and-done recruits.

Last night, Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker --one of five former Wildcat guards on the Suns roster--was asked about the bond that Kentucky players have with each other and why it translates over to the next level. 

Booker called it a "brotherhood" that "Coach Cal instills in us." He ended his response by calling Kentucky "the closest thing to the NBA."

">July 16, 2016

There are other programs that may disagree with Booker, but it's tough to argue with his logic.