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Photo: NBA Fan Creates A Drake-Inspired Toronto Raptors Lint Roller

Celebrities attending NBA games always has viral potential, and Drake had one of the first big viral moments of the NBA playoffs when he was caught on camera using a lint roller to clean his pants from courtside of the second game of the Nets-Raptors series in Toronto. 

One resourceful NBA fan took it upon himself to make Drake his own branded Raptors lint roller, and it is pretty perfect.


— CarChen (@CarChen)

Okay now we are getting far too creative with this lmao !

— CarChen (@CarChen) April 25, 2014

">April 25, 2014

The roller features the Raptors logo, as well as the logo for Drake's "October's Very Own" record label, and 'LINT'(or #NoNewLint), which is a play on Drake's hit "No New Friends."

Interestingly, the lint roller was done with Brooklyn Nets colors. We'll see if Drake jumps to that bandwagon if the Nets can knock off Toronto here in the first round.