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Report: Bronny James' Likely Decision On College Revealed

Bronny James warms up before a high school game.

SPRINGFIELD, MA - JANUARY 18: Sierra Canyon Trailblazers guard Bronny James (0) warms up prior to the first half of the Spalding Hoophall Classic high school basketball game between the Dominican Knights and Sierra Canyon Trailblazers on January 18, 2020 at Blake Arena in Springfield, MA (Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Bronny James may not be the No. 1 overall recruit in his class, but the attention he garners certainly makes it seem like it. 

With that being said, both fans and experts are curious as to what Bronny's career will look like past high school. 

It's looking more and more like LeBron's son may skip college altogether.

247Sports Director of Scouting Adam Finkelstein has the latest on Bronny James:

"Now, one question I've been getting this week — both in the gym and over the Twittersphere ... who's recruiting Bronny James?" Finkelstein said. "Well, I don't know that anybody's really recruiting Bronny James. I think the perception is that Bronny James is not going to play college basketball. That is not fact by any stretch. But as you sit in a college coaches' section and you just kind of hear what coaches are saying about this, I haven't heard anyone who's said, 'Yeah, we're making a hard push for Bronny.'

"And it has nothing to do with the type of player he is. I think everybody is in agreement that he is a good player who can impact winning pretty much from Day 1 at the college level. I just think the perception — although we haven't heard anything definitive at all out of Bronny's camp — is that he is not likely to play college basketball. So we will see if that changes in the coming weeks and months. But right now, I have not spoken to any college coaches that think they have a good chance of landing him or even think that it's an especially worthwhile endeavor in terms of recruiting him. So that's the latest on Bronny James."

There's no denying Bronny James has immense talent on the court. 

But it doesn't seem like college coaching staffs are expecting the rising star to play for a university. 

What does that mean for his future? It means he may go to the NBA's developmental league. 

Or, perhaps, Bronny's hoping Adam Silver follows through on his recent comments and allows 18-year-olds to head straight to the NBA.