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NBA GMs Say One Thing Would Yield More Kawhi Leonard Trade Offers

kawhi leonard speaks at nba all-star weekend

Kawhi Leonard trade talks don't seem to have a lot of juice right now. Part of the reason is a small-ish market for one of the best players in the entire sport.

There are a few factors at play here. Perhaps the most obvious is Leonard's reported desire to wind up in Los Angeles, with LeBron James and the Lakers or even perhaps the Clippers.

Last year, we saw a similar situation play out with Paul George. He wound up surprising the basketball world, and sticking with the Oklahoma City Thunder for the long-term.

George has had his own devastating injuries in the past. However, he was not coming off of one when the Thunder acquired him.

Leonard just missed about 90-percent of an NBA season on what appears to be his own volition. We haven't seen anything from his recovery this off-season, as he looks to get moved from the Spurs.

Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher says he spoke to around six current NBA general managers. They say that the lack of evidence of Leonard's health is the main reason why teams won't make a move, not the possibility of him leaving.

"It seems like every other player is putting out a video on social media of them working out," said the Eastern Conference GM. "If Kawhi did one, he'd instantly get 35,000 hits, and half of them would be from NBA GMs. How can you make a deal or even an offer without knowing if he can play? He's got to be seen. If he came out and played in preseason and looked good, you'd definitely see teams trying harder to get him."

This puts the Spurs in a weird position for any Kawhi Leonard trade.

The team doesn't want to enter the season with a player that may not play for them, and don't want to give him up well below his market value because other teams don't know what they're getting.

The Lakers and Clippers remain the teams most often cited, though the Philadelphia 76ers—which don't have a full time general manager at the moment—are a rising name, thanks to their assets and ability to win now. The Raptors are also a name that has been floated more recently. Both teams have a relationship with R.C. Buford, Gregg Popovich, and the Spurs' leadership.

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