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Serge Ibaka, Robin Lopez Involved In Nasty Fight During Bulls-Raptors

Fight between Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez.


Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez threw some big punches at one another during tonight's Bulls-Raptors game.

After a bucket by Bulls star Jimmy Butler, Lopez stumbled back into Ibaka as he went to box out. Ibaka took it as a shove, and the two big men got into it with some serious haymakers.

After the referees talked it over, the two forwards were ejected from the game, as you'd expect. Bulls forward Nikola Mirotić and Raptors assistant coach Jamaal Magloire were also assessed technical fouls. Magloire, the former NBA veteran, intercepted Mirotić, who was making a bee-line for the fight.

Basketball fight happen, but they're usually not as explosive as this one.

The Bulls have a big 88-72 lead late in the third quarter, but now both teams are playing without some important players. We'll see if the ejections swing things.